Van Holten's Sour Sis 200 g (12 Pack) A27 - A28

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Get ready to experience sour goodness with Van Holten's Sour Sis Pickle! Imagine a tangy explosion of van holten's tart and spicy pickle wrapped in a convenient pouch, ready to tantalize your senses with every bite. Whether you're a sour aficionado or just looking for a thrilling snack experience, sour sis pickle-in-a-pouch delivers the perfect balance of sourness and satisfaction. So, grab a pack and enjoy sour delight with van holten's sour pickle, a taste you want once more.


  • Pickle in Convenient packaging
  • Sour and Tangy Flavor
  • Sour-Craving Partner
  • On-the-Go Snack


  • 200g
  • Case of 12 Packs
  • Brand Van Halton's 

Add this convenient pack of Van halton's pickle to your Cart and enjoy the sour snacking experience!

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