Skittles - Tropical Flavor Drink 398ml (12 Pack)

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Exosweet is introducing another refreshing addition to summer flavors and its Skittles Tropical Flavor Drink! Skittles offers a range of flavors that will make your summer more energized and tantalizing. This skittles tropical flavor will introduce you to unique tangy and passion fruit flavors that you have never experienced in a drinking bottle. Whether you want an instant hydrating drink or an on-the-go summer refreshment, skittles 398 ml drink can be your best buddy!


  • Hydrating Drink
  • Tropical Flavors
  • Refreshing Taste
  • Low fat Drink


  • 398ml
  • Case of 12 Bottles
  • Brand Skittles

Add to Your Cart the refreshing flavors of Skittles soft drinks and level up your summer hydration!

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