QDOL Pokemon Lime Sparkling Water 330 mL (24 Pack)

Volume: 880
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Satiate your thirst and refresh your inner pokemon with qdol pokemon drink! This qdol sparkling water infused soda lime with the effectiveness of refreshing water for a crisp and rejuvenating taste experience. While having each sip of cool pokemon drink flavors, you feel delighted and refreshed. qdol pokemon sparkling water is a perfect on-the-go partner to keep yourself hydrated wherever you go!


  • Hydrating idol sparkling water
  • Energy Booster
  • Soda lime flavor
  • Refreshing taste


  • 330ml
  • Case of 24 Packs 
  • Brand Name QDOL Pokemon
  • Lime Flavor

Add this rejuvenating qdol sparkling water to your Cart right away and be hydrating while enjoying the coldness of soda lime!

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