Nerds Rainbow Rope 26 g (24 Pack) B40-B60-B55-B50

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Get ready to unpack the fun with this nerds rainbow rope! Exosweet is introducing you to this new version of nerd gummy candy. This rainbow nerds rope pack of 24 is perfect to share your sweetness with friends. Rainbow rope nerd is a quick pick-me-up choice for craving or a sweet treat to brighten your day. A colored rainbow of flavors wrapped up in  tangy chewy rope where a burst of color meets a twist of gummy taste in every bite with nerd rainbow ropes!


  • Fruity Flavour
  • Gummy Nerds
  • Sweet Candy
  • Colorful Delight


  • 26g/0.92 OZ
  • Case of Pack of 24
  • Brand Name Nerds

Add to Cart nerds rainbow ropes and indulge  in the fun of sweet gummy candy to get back the sweet memories of your childhood!

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