Mentos Lemon Mint 240ml (24 pack)

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Mentos is dominating the beverage industry with its innovative Mentos Lemon Mint Cans! Chewy chunks of fruity jelly inside Mentos Lemon Mint, a non-carbonated soft drink with a strong lemon and mint flavour. It's a chewable beverage. A popular mint option is Mentos, and the lemon mint Mentos is probably going to be even more well-liked. 


  • Jelly Bites
  • Non-Sparkling Drink
  • Lemon mint Flavor
  • Chewy Chunks
  • Non-Carbonated Drinks


  • 240ml
  • 24 Packs
  • Brand Mentos
Add this amazing drink to your cart and let yourself enjoy mint lemon mentos' delicious and unique flavour!

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