Meiji Yan Yan Hazelnut Cocoa Biscuits Snack 44g Cup (10 pack) - D40/D37.

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Meiji,Japanese Snacks,Hazelnut Chocolate,Biscuits Chocolates,Yan Yan Snack,Meiji Chocolate,Biscuit Sticks,Snack Biscuit,Chocolate Hazelnut,Japanese Biscuit,Chocolate Dip Sticks . This popular Japanese snack by Meiji combines the irresistible taste of hazelnut chocolate with crispy biscuit sticks, creating a treat that is both satisfying and addictive. Each pack contains biscuit sticks that are perfectly paired with a creamy hazelnut-cocoa dip, allowing you to create the perfect bite-sized snack. Dip the biscuit sticks into the luscious chocolate hazelnut dip and experience a burst of rich and indulgent flavours. Whether you're enjoying them as a quick snack or sharing them with friends, Meiji Yan Yan is the ultimate biscuit snack for all chocolate lovers. Discover the joy of Meiji's iconic Yan Yan Snack Biscuit and let the creamy hazelnut-cocoa flavour transport your taste buds to a realm of pure delight. Treat yourself to Meiji Yan Yan Creamy Hazelnut-Cocoa Flavoured Dip Biscuit Snack and experience the perfect harmony of biscuit and chocolate in every bite.

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