MARUMIYA Pokemon Curry Pork and Corn Mild (Pack of 10) D8

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Marumiya Pokemon Instant Curry Pork & Corn Mild, is a tasty and simple-to-make recipe. This instant curry pork n corn is prepared with veggies like Carrots, potatoes, and combined with succulent pork chunks and corn , which is cooked with a tasty spice mixture. This instant curry is ideal For those who want a quick supper on a busy day . Enjoy Marumiya Pokemon Instant Curry Pork & Vegetable with friends and family for a tasty, entertaining, and thrilling experience. 


  • Instant Curry
  • Corn and Pork Goodness
  • Spicy Flavors


  • 160g
  • Pack of 10 
  • Brand Name Marumiya 

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