Marukawa Spy-Family Gum (Pack of 20) D24

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Get ready to chew your way into fun with Marukawa Spy-Family Gum! This monster gum is not your ordinary chewing experience—it's a spy-family treat that'll keep your taste buds entertained for hours. Each piece of Marukara Spy family gum bursts with bold and fruity flavours that will explode in your mouth. Whether you're a fan of juicy strawberry, tangy lemon, or sweet grape, Marukawa gum has a taste for everyone to enjoy. 


  • Chewy Gum
  • Fruity Flavor
  • Mouth-Refreshing
  • Juicy Gum


  • Pack of 20
  • Brand Marekawa

Add This pack of mouth-refreshing gum to your Cart and enjoy the fruity flavors of juicy marukawa spy-family gum!

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