MALABAR Multifruits 200 units - V55 - 28/06/24

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Introducing a refreshing flavour with MALABAR multi fruits! Malabar multi fruits are the perfect blend of flavours and excitement and are the only bubble gum of their type. This Malabar multifruit chew gum is specifically known for its unique flavour, which delivers juicy fruit flavours with every chew. Not only this, but with every malabar chew gum, you get tattoos for free. Whether you are going for a morning workout or rehearsing baseball in the hot summer, we have got the malabar multifruit chew to get you through!


  • Refreshing Chew
  • Fruit Flavor
  • Long Lasting Chew
  • Complementary tattoos


  • Total Case Weight 1340g
  • Total 200 Units in each case
  • Brand Carambar

Add to your Cart a case of malabar fruity chew and stay active while chewing the refreshing flavours!

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