MALABAR Barbe à Papa 200 units - V57

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Introducing a refreshing flavour with MALABAR Barbe a Papa! Malabar Cotton Candy is the perfect blend of flavours and sweetness, the only bubble gum of its type. This  Malabar barbe, a papa chewing gum, is specifically known for its unique flavour that delivers the sweetness of a cotton candy drink with every chew. Not only this, but with every malabar chew gum, you get tattoos for free. Whether you are going for a morning workout or rehearsing baseball in the hot summer, we have got the malabar candy chew to get you through!


  • Refreshing Chew
  • Cotton Candy Flavor
  • Long Lasting Chew
  • Complementary tattoos


  • Total Case Weight 1340g
  • Total 200 Units in each case
  • Brand Carambar

Add a case of malabar barbie and a Papa Chew to your Cart, and stay active while chewing the refreshing flavours!

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