LUTTI Surfizz Fruits 100G (16 pack)- France - V45

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Get yourself immersed in the flavor bursting with fruits with Lutti Surfizz Fruits! Lutti Surfizz fruit candy is a colored gummy that is available in unique shapes. Lutti gummi candy is fun to eat with its fizzy and tangy flavors. As you put lutti fruit gummy candy into your mouth, it turns into gum that melts slowly, delivering both flavor and fun. Lutti candy is manufactured with natural and artificial ingredients that offer a blast of flavors!


  • Chewy Candy
  • Gummy candy
  • Fruity Flavor
  • Sweet Snacks


  • 100g
  • Case of 16 Packs
  • Brand Lutti
Add these new flavors of lutti surfizzto the Cart and satisfy your craving for sweet snacks anytime, anywhere!

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