LUTTI Mini Cherry Cola Fizz 100G (14 pack)- France - Z42-V12

volume: 552
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When we eat sweets, we want to be surprised by new flavors and sensations and not those of everyday life. 
This Lutti candy is unlike anything you consume on a daily basis! On the one hand, its shape is off the beaten track: a small bottle of cola!
On the other hand, it is a sour candy because citric powder is scattered on its surface. On contact with the tongue, an invigorating spicy effect will seize you!
It will subside as you suck on the treat. Then you will chew its tender gelled texture with a cherry cola taste before swallowing it.
Lutti's Cherry Cola Fizz candy is not made for falling asleep but for an energetic gourmet interlude!

Candies from France

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