Lik-M-Aid Sour Fun Dip Sour Candy 39.6 g (24 Pack) - X19

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Taste the fun of being a kid again with the Fun Dip Sour!
Ignite your hungry inner child with the old-fashioned taste of this amusing powdered candy. 
Comes with a yummy candy stick that you simply lick, then dip into the fantastic flavours of Strawberry Smackaroo, Watermelon Whammo, and Tartastic Mystery.
We must admit some of us eat the candy stick first and just use our fingers to enjoy the powdered candy. Either way you eat it nothing compares to the fun of this
Wonka-esqe candy!
Growing up is always optional, but candy is forever! Taste the happiness with the Fun Dip Sour!
3 yummy flavours to choose from:
Strawberry Smackeroo | Watermelon Whammo | Tartastic Mystery

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