Koko's - Icee - Dip-N-Lik - Candy Powder47g (12 Pack) - V10

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Koko's Icee Dip-N-Lik Candy Powder offers a tantalizing treat experience. Packaged in vibrant, eye-catching pouches, dip'n'lick is a lollipop with candy powder. You can enjoy a flavorful and refreshing dip-n-lik with this two-in-one Koko's Icee candy. With flavours ranging from tangy to fruity, each dip of lollipop in powder delivers the coolness of a frozen iced treat. Koko's dip and lick is a delightful indulgence sure to captivate taste buds with every dip.


  • Dip and Lick novelty
  • Burst of Sweetness
  • Fruity Goodness
  • Frozen Iced Flavor
  • Two-in-one Treat


  • 47g
  • Case of 12 Packs
  • Brand Name Ko-Ko Candy

Add to Cart this dip and lick the iced lollipop right away, and don't miss the sweetness of fruity goodness!

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