Hawaiian Punch Chew Bars Lemon Berry Squeeze 22 g (36 Pack) V14

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introducing a renowned Hawaiian punch drink but in the form of candy known as Hawaiian Punch Chew Bars Lemon Berry Squeeze! This Hawaiian bar is not just candy; it gives a chewy texture and a center-filled punch of fruity flavors. With a burst of tangy lemon and sweet berry flavours, each bite of hawaiian chewy bar offers a mouthwatering experience reminiscent of sipping on a cool, fruity beverage. 


  • Lemon Berry squeeze
  • Chewy Texture
  • Truity Goodness
  • On-the-go Sweet Snack
  • Breath Refreshing


  • 22g
  • 36 packs
  • Brand Hawaiian Punch

Add to the Cart this pack of hawaiian punch chew bars lemon berry squeeze and enjoy the fruity punch while chewing!

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