HARIBO Super Frite Pik 120G (30 pack) - France Z18-E48-E50-E48-Z18

Volume: 802,13
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Introducing another variant of Haribo named Super Frite Pik! After having a picture of this, you must be thinking about french fries; yeah, you get it. Although it looks like fries, Haribo's taste surprised you more. The word "Pik" in Haribo frite pik implies a tart flavor, adding more acidity. These haribo super frit pik candies have a sweet and acidic flavor and resemble French fries, giving an ideal entertaining and unexpected snack. 


  • Gummy Candy
  • Sweet and Tangy Flavor
  • Colorful candies
  • Fries shaped


  • 120g
  • Case of Pack of 30
  • Brand name Haribo

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