HARIBO Berries 100G (30 pack) - France - E62 - E61

volume: 570
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Get ready to have fun on a berrylicious adventure with HARIBO Berries! Bursting with vibrant colors and juicy flavors, each bite of haribo berries is like a stroll through a sun-kissed berry patch. From the tangy punch of strawberries to the sweet allure of blueberries, every piece of haribo berry gummy candy is a tantalizing taste sensation. Whether you're snacking on the go or indulging in a movie night at home, these delightful haribo gummi candies will surely make you smile. 


  • Chewy texture
  • Berry Flavor
  • Sweet Snack
  • Gummy Candy


  • 100g
  • Case of Pack of 30
  • Brand name Haribo
So why wait? Add a burst of haribo berry bliss gummi candy to your Cart and treat yourself to a fruity fiesta that's simply irresistible!

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