GUOCJUAN Fruit stripe Strawberry flavor 92g (40 pack)

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Introducing GUOCJUAN Fruit Stripe Strawberry Flavor – a burst of tangy sweetness in every bite! Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy, ripe strawberry, amplified with a delightful zing! Each packet of Guocjaun fruit stripe is a vibrant celebration of flavor, teasing your taste buds with the essence of freshly picked strawberries. With its bold stripes and irresistible aroma, this snack of guocjuan strawberry stripe is a sensory journey you won't want to miss.


  • Stripe Candy
  • Fruity Flavors
  • Strawberry Fun
  • Chewy Candy
  • On-the-Go Sweet Candy


  • 92g
  • 40 Packs
  • Brand Goucjaun

Treat your taste buds to the ultimate fruity delight – Add to your Cart GUOCJUAN Fruit Stripe now and experience a burst of strawberry bliss.

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