Goetze's King Size Cow Tales Vanilla 85g ( 20 pack) V73

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Get yourself lost in the nostalgic taste of Goetze's King Size Cow Tales Vanilla! Envision you flavoring goetze's cow tale vanella, a creamy vanilla-flavored chewy caramel that brings back the memory of childhood. Each bite of goetz's king cow vanilla tales is a delightful blend of rich caramel goodness and smooth vanilla, offering a satisfyingly sweet treat for any occasion. Treat yourself to a moment of pure delight with every bite of geotz'e king size cow vanilla tales!


  • Chewy Caramel
  • Center-filled Cream
  • Goetze’s Candy Vanilla Cow Tales 
  • Sweet Delight


  • 85g
  • Case of pack of 20
  • Brand Name Goetz’s
Want to Buy at wholesale price?Add to cart this amazing product of Goetz’s and enjoy the creamy caramel in each chewy bite with candy cow tales !

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