Fruity Pebbles Candy Bites 227 g (6 Pack)

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Introducing Fruity Pebbles Candy Bites – the ultimate treat for fruit lovers! Imagine the nostalgic crunch of  Pebbles cereal and candy fused with the mouthwatering sweetness of candy, all in one delectable bite-sized form. Each piece of fruity pebbles bursts with different fruity flavors you know and love, delivering a satisfyingly indulgent. These pebbles fruity bites are Perfect for snacking on the go, sharing with friends, or satisfying those sweet cravings any time of day. Dive into a world of fruity bliss with pebbles and candy bites now!


  • Pebble Candy
  • Fruity Flavored
  • Crunchy Pebbles
  • Cereal Bites


  • 227g
  • Case of 6 Packs
  • Brand Frankford candy

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