Fanta Melon Soda Can 250 mL (30 Pack)

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Introducing Fanta Melon Soda Can bursts with refreshing flavors of ripe melons, offering a tantalizing fusion of sweetness and fizziness. Encased in a sleek can, fanta 250ml can’s vibrant green hue promises a visually stimulating experience. Each sip of fanta melon soda  delivers a delightful symphony of melon essence that freshens the senses. Perfectly balanced in its sweetness, melon soda 250ml quenches thirst and leaves a lingering, satisfying taste. Whether enjoyed on a sunny day or as a playful accompaniment to any meal, melon fanta soda brings a burst of fruity joy to every moment, creating memories to cherish.


  • Refreshing Beverage
  • Fruity Flavor Soda
  • Melon Soda
  • On-the-Go Beverage


  • 250ml bottle
  • Case of 30 Bottles
  • Brand Fanta

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