FANTA Lychee 320ml (Pack of 12) J0

Volume: 361,8
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Fanta Lychee is a refreshing, sparkling soft drink with a delicious lychee flavour that lingers on your tongue. It is the sweet yet juicy flavour of lychee partnered with the carbonated soda we all know and love. Each sip will give you that bright, bubbly and instantly refreshed feeling.


  • Hydration Elevated
  • Distinctive Taste
  • Lychee Infusion
  • Vibrant Aroma
  • Versatile Enjoyment


  • 320ml
  • Case of Pack of 12
  • Lychee Flavour
  • Brand Name Fanta

Add Fanta Lychee Drink to your cart and let the tropical journey begin. Quench your thirst with the tantalizing burst of flavor found in every sip of Fanta Lychee Drink. Fanta lychee drink is known for an instant mood lift.

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