FANTA Exotique 33cl (24 pack)

Volume: 880
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Fanta Exotic a perfect choice for tropical taste lovers! So Here we are, offering fanta exotic 330ml that introduces you with a unique blend of fruits inside fanta exotic drink. Experience the flavors of orange, passion fruit and peach extracts in Fanta exotic can. Enjoy the perfect thrill of nature with exotic fanta flavors free from artificial colors and flavors.


  • Exotic Taste
  • Elevated Refreshment
  • Fruity aroma
  • Orange flavor
  • Ready-to-drink


  • 330ml
  • Fanta Exotic 24 packs
  • Orange Flavor
  • Brand Name FANTA

Add Fanta Exotic Green to your cart Now and let your taste buds experience the delightful flavors of Orange, peach and passion fruits!

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