Face Twisters Silly Sour Legs 47g (24 pack) - V61

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Get ready to have fun on a mouth-puckering adventure with Face Twisters Silly Sour Legs! It's available in a pair of tubes resembling a pair of legs placed on cardboard hangers so you can hang it in crowded places. A rainbow-like mixture of six fruit-flavored sour powders is added within each unit's two 2-1/2 foot long legs. With each mouthful, these will entice and excite your taste senses with a burst of zesty goodness. 


  • Powdery Candy
  • Tangy Taste
  • Rainbow Coloured
  • Fruit Flavored Powders


  • 47g
  • 12 packs
  • Brand Name Face Twisters

Add a pack of Sour Face Twisters to your Cart at wholesale price and  Take your snack time to the next level of enjoyment with Silly Sour Legs and start tasting sour!

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