Face Twisters Novelty Sour Candy Dough 100g (12 pack) X75

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Face Twisters Novelty Sour Candy Dough is an exhilarating fusion of playfulness and tangy flavor. This unique novelty sour candy boasts a pliable dough consistency that invites hands-on fun, while its sour taste tantalizes taste buds with a zesty burst. Each colorful bite  of face twisters candy dough promises a sour sensation, making it a delightful treat for adventurous candy enthusiasts. Indulge in a playful journey of sourness and creativity with face twisters sour candy dough.


  • Sour & Sweet Combo
  • Fruity Flavor 
  • Dough Candy
  • Sweet Treat


  • 100g
  • Case of 12 Packs
  • Brand Face Twister
Add to your cart this twist of fruity flavor and enjoy the perfect combo of sweet and tangy flavors with face twisters dough candy!

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