Oreo Double Crunchy Wafer Vanilla Flavor 72g (24 pack) - F18

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Treat yourself by enjoying delightful flavors of sweetness with Oreo Double Crunchy Wafer Vanilla Flavor! Each pack of oreo wafers contains two slices of wafers that are twisted together with vanilla and chocolate creams. In each bite of oreo crunchy wafers vanilla, you get to experience double crunchiness of wafers with double creamy flavors, including chocolate and vanilla. So get a pack of oreo vanilla wafers and enjoy the delight with each bite.


  • Crunchy Wafers
  • Chocolatey Flavor
  • Strawberry Goodness
  • Double Creamy 
  • On-the-Go Delight


  • 72g
  • Case of 24 Packs
  • Brand Oreo

Add to Your Cart this Pack of Oreo Vanilla wafer and enjoy the flavors of sweetness!

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