Coris Pokémon Seal Book Soda Gum 22 g (15 Pack) D24-D25

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Coris Pokémon Seal Book Soda Gum comes in a vibrant, pocket-sized packaging adorned with playful Pokémon illustrations. The texture of coris pokemon gum is smooth, offering a satisfying chewiness that isn't too firm. Coris soda gum delivers flavor bursts with a refreshing soda taste, reminiscent of fizzy drinks on a sunny day. Not only this, a pokemon sticker sheet is being added for fun. With each chew of pokemon soda gum a delightful bubbly sensation tingles on your tongue, creating a lively and enjoyable experience. 


  • Chew Gum
  • Bubbly Soda Flavor
  • Pokemon Sticker Sheet
  • Refreshing Taste
  • Long-Lasting Chew


  • 22g
  • 15 Packs
  • Brand Coris
  • Box of 30 units

Add to your Cart this fun flavor of Coris bubble gum and stay energized and active while enjoying the soda flavors.

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