QDOL Pokemon Summer Citrus Sparkling Water 330 mL (24 Pack)

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Make hydration fun and flavorful with QDOL Pokémon Summer Citrus Sparkling Water 330 ml, which offers cold and refreshing hydration. This pokemon summer citrus beverage combines the refreshing fizz of sparkling water with summer's sweet and citrus flavors, creating a unique and refreshing drinking experience. This qdml pokemon 330 mL can is perfect for on-the-go hydration or enjoying meals. This qdml pokemon sparkling water is sure to quench your thirst and get a refreshing feeling.


  • Hydrating Beverage
  • Citrus Flavor
  • Sparkling Water Freshness
  • On-the-go Beverage
  • Refreshing Taste


  • 330ml
  • Case of 24 Cans
  • Brand QDOL
Add to the Cart this bubble goodness of Gdol Pokemon and enjoy the refreshing flavors of summer citrus sparkling water!

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