Nestlé Spree Chewy Peg Bag 142g (12 Pack) V1

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The Nestle Spree Chewy Peg Bag is a refreshing combination of sweet and tart flavours that is incredibly potent. Chewy Spree turns hard-coated egg candies into an irresistibly soft and chewy centre, making them a pleasant treat. Chewy Spree peg candies scream to be eaten because of their unusual texture and a dash of sourness!


  • Sweet Candy
  • Soft and Chewy Center
  • Colourful Candy
  • Fruity Flavor


  • 142g
  • Case of 12 Packs
  • Brand Spree

Add this new flavour of Nestle Spree to your Cart at wholesale price and let your kids have fun while cracking the mini-shells!

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