CHARMS Super Blow Pop Assorted 32 g (48 Pack) X25

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CHARMS Super Blow Pop Assorted is a lollipop that combines two treats in one. With its signature bubble gum center surrounded by a fruity hard candy shell, each super blow pop offers a deliciously satisfying experience that's both sweet and long-lasting. This variety pack of charms assorted lollipops features various vibrant flavors, including cherry, grape, watermelon, and more, ensuring there's something to please every palate. Enjoy this treat as CHARMS Blow Pop will bring joy and fun to any occasion.


  • Charms Lollipops
  • Chewy candy
  • Fruity Taste
  • Assorted Flavors


  • 32g
  • 48 Packs
  • Brand Charms
Add this fruity fun of charms blow pops to your Cart and indulge in the sweet childhood memories!

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