CHARMS Blow Pop What-A-Melon 18 g (48 Pack) X65

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Get ready to blow your taste buds away with CHARMS Blow Pop What-A-Melon! charms blow pop what a melon combines the irresistible crunch of a candy shell with a flavorful, chewy center in assorted fruity flavors like watermelon. Each mouthful bite of blow pops brings back fond childish memories and fruity sweetness.


  • Chewy center
  • Crunchy Candy Shell
  • Blow pops
  • Fruity Goodness


  • 18g
  • Case of 48 packs
  • Brand Name Blow Up(Charms)

Add these charms blow pops to your Cart immediately and enjoy the mouthful bites of charms!

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