CARAMBAR Caramollo Family 100g (16 pack) - V30

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Experience the dreamy realm of delicious Family with Carambar Caramollo Family, where each bite is harmonized with a variety of texture and taste sensations that bring unique twists to classic carambar twists. Image biting into a velvety-smooth carambar caramel that is both rich and creamy, melting smoothly on your tongue. With every bite of the carambar family, you'll discover a burst of flavor that delights the senses – from the buttery sweetness of traditional caramel to the tantalizing tang of fruit-infused varieties.  So don't wait and indulge in a family reunion of flavors and textures with the carambar caramollo family, where every moment is a sweet adventure.


  • Carambar Candy
  • Chewy Goodness
  • Sweet Candy Delight
  • Variety of Flavors


  • 100g
  • 16 Packs
Add to your Cart Carambar Family Candy at wholesale price and get immersed in the creamy, chewy, soft, flavorful delight!

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