CARAMBAR Barbe à Papa - Cotton Candy 180 Pieces - V62

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Introducing the fizzy delight CARAMBAR barbe a papa, infused with the irresistible chewiness of CARAMBAR candies. With each chew of carambar pink candy, you'll experience a burst of fruit and tangy flavor, perfectly balanced with just the right sweetness. This cola chewy candy is like a treat to your taste buds craving for fizzy flavor! CARAMBAR chewy barbe is the ultimate pick-me-up that never fails to satisfy. So, why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary taste sensation of Caramber barbe a papa? Go ahead, ripe the candy and dive into pure delight!


  • Chewy Candy
  • Fruity Flavored
  • Sweet taste
  • On-the-Go Enjoyment


  • 1440g
  • 180 Pieces Per Pack
  • Brand Caramber

Add to Your Cart Carambar Barbe a Papa right away and let yourself immersed in the flavors of Carambar Chewy Candy!

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