CADBURY 5STAR 3D 42g (24 Pack)

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Cadbury Milk Chocolate + Caramel + Soft Chocolatey Centre + Crunchy Crispies

Presenting  CADBURY 5STAR 3D – the ultimate chocolate treat that made your day with a velvety smooth blend of rich Cadbury chocolate, whipped nougat, and crunchy caramel, all crafted into a deliciously satisfying bar. The Cadbury 5Star is not just a chocolate bar; it's a sensual experience that unveils layers of luscious chocolate, along with a symphony of flavor and textures, after every try. With every bite of the Cadbury chocolate bar, your taste buds will be introduced to the creamy chocolate exterior, the chewy nougat core, and the delightful crunch of caramel surprises nestled within. Dont wait and immerse in the blissful treat.


  • Milk Chocolate
  • Whipped Nougat
  • Caramel Goodness
  • Perfect Craving Partner
  • On-the-go delight


  • 42g
  • 24 Packs

Add this delicious chocolate to the Cart and enjoy the Cadbury 5-star chocolate wherever you go!

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