BOURBON Sharimoni gummi Yogurt 57g (Pack of 20)

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Get immersed in the mouthwatering deliciousness of Bourbon Sharimoni gummi Yogurt, a flavor that lasts long on your taste buds. Imagine sinking your teeth into bourbon sharimoni gummi, soft, chewy, gummy goodness coated with sweet and sour fruity flavored powder and infused with the creamy richness of yogurt, creating a blissful harmony of sweet and tangy sensations. Each bite of sharimoni gummi yogurt is a journey of pure delight, as the luscious yogurt essence melts seamlessly with the enticing fruit flavors, delivering a burst of freshness with every chew. 


  • Soft Candy

  • Yogurt Flavor

  • Sweet Delight

  • Chewy Texture


  • 57g
  • Pack of 12
  • Brand Bourbon

Add this deliciously creamy delight of bourbon sharimoni gummy yogurt to your Cart and let the sweet symphony begin!

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