AIRHEADS Gum Blue Raspberry (12 Pack) - V63

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Introducing AIRHEADS Gum Blue Raspberry with a mouth-watering fruit flavor! Airheads Gum comes in your favorite playful-tangy Airheads flavors! The luscious little candies of airheads gum raspberry are crammed into each stick of gum and are the key to its wonderful flavor. Get ready to pucker up and dive into a world of extreme deliciousness with every delicious bite of air heads gum blue raspberry !


  • Chewy Gum
  • Curuful bites
  • Sweet Candy
  • Fruity Flavored


  • 14 sticks in each pack
  • Case of 12 packs
  • Name of Brand Airheads 

Add to the Cart this amazing pack of airheads ropes and enjoy the goodness of fruity blast!

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