Adam & Brooks Sour Punch Lollipops 85 g (12 Pack) B84

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Adam&Brook Sour Punch Lollipops! Enter a world of sweetness with sour punch Pop Assorted! This amazing pack of sour lollipops contains different fruity-flavored pops, meaning you'll have strawberry, green apple, and blue raspberry flavor-filled packs! Each punch lollipop offers a delightful assortment of fruity flavors that burst into your mouth with their tangy taste! Get ready to enjoy the fruity and sour punch of lollipops!


  • Fruity Goodness
  • Sour Flavors
  • Colorful Sweety Snacks
  • Artificially Flavored Candy


  • 85g
  • 12 packs
  • Brand Adams $ Brooks Candy
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