7 up Mojito 33cl (24 pack) F0

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Exosweet is offering another variant of 7 up,named 7 up Mojito! Quench your thirst and refresh your taste buds with a can of 7up mojito! This 7up summer cocktail mojito flavor is made from lime and fresh mint leaves blended with soda, which gives you a refreshing and cooling treat. Whether working on a dazzling sunny day or doing early morning exercise, this mojito 7-Up is the perfect beverage to satisfy your thirst!


  • Refreshing taste
  • cherry Flavored
  • Summer Beverage
  • Fruity Fragrance


  • 330ml
  • 7 up Mojito 24 packs 
  • Brand Name 7 up

Add this case of  7 up mojito lime and mint to the Cart and uplift your mood with the refreshing flavors of Fresh Mint and lime!

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