WARHEADS Super Sour Double Gouttes 30 ml (paquet de 24)

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Presenting another mouthful burst of double sour flavours and its WARHEADS Super Sour Double Drops!This warheads sour candy is a thick paste-like candy available as a small tube. But here is a twist: this double-drop super sour candy gives you a twist of paired flavours in each tube. You can enjoy flavours like Blue raspberry-green apple,watermelon-green apple, and watermelon-blue raspberry. Try out these warheads squeeze candies that are tiny in size but big in flavour.


  • Sweet Candy
  • Sour Taste
  • Fruity Goodness
  • Twisted Flavors


  • 30ml 
  • 24 packs
  • Brand Warheads

So Add to Cart this amazing pack of warheads sour candy that will let you have fun while you get bored!

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