PRINGLES Chips aux algues 110g (Pack de 20)

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Introducing another flavor sensation powered by Pringles and its Seaweeds! Each chip in this Pringles Flavor is made with crispy potatoes that are infused with seaweeds flavors.This Pringles seaweeds potato chips lets you experience the perfect combination of spices and seaweeds that keeps you coming back for more.So, grab a can of Pringles Chips, pop it open, and get ready to experience a lime and tart munch like never before!


  • Crispy Potato Chips
  • Seaweeds Flavor
  • Stackable Potato Chips
  • On-the-go Snacks
  • Perfect Craving Partner


  • 110g
  • Box of 20 Packs
  • Brand Pringles
Add to cart this light flavor of Pringles potato chips and get an exceptional snaking experience!

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