Nestle Video Box Sweetarts 142g (10 Pack) - V37

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They are introducing another sweet candy manufactured by Nestle and its Nestle Video Box Sweetarts. These Nestle sweethearts are mini candies, like a delicious treat combining sweet and tart flavours in a crunchy candy form. Each Nestle video box contains a variety of Sweetarts candies, which are small, colourful, and come in round shapes. These candies are known for their fruity flavours and tangy taste, making them a popular choice among candy enthusiasts of all ages.


  • Mini candies
  • Crunchy candies
  • Colourful Candies
  • Fruity Flavors
  • On-the-go delight


  • 142g 
  • Total Packs 10
  • Brand Ferrara Candy Company
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