MADAM HONG Lady Boba Classic BubbleTea Drink 315ml (24 pack)

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The classic milk tea flavor of Lady Boba is the world's hottest drink. The mellow milk tea tastes silky, smooth, just right sweet. Mixed with chewy tapioca balls, the drink brings out layers of richness. Everybody loves madam hong lady boba due to its classic taste enriched with natural ingredients like milk, brown sugar, soy and especially low fat calories. Get this on the go madam hong bubble tea and elevate your mood!


  • Energy booster
  • Low fat calories
  • Sweet mellow milky flavor
  • Strong fragrance
  • Ready to Go beverage


  • 350ml/10.7 oz
  • Can packaging
  • Pack of 24
  • Brand Madam

Add to cart the enriched flavors of Madam Hong Lady Boba Classic Bubble Tea with wholesale price to get classic ready-to-drink mood refresher!

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