LAYS Sweet Potato chips Origin 60g (22 pack) W12 -W11-W10

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Lay's Sweet Potato chips offer a tantalizing twist on the classic snack, boasting the rich, natural sweetness of sweet potatoes. Harvested from select farms, each lay's sweet potato chip embodies the earthy flavors and crisp texture of this classic root vegetable. Delicately sliced and expertly seasoned, lays potato chips deliver a satisfying crunch with every bite. With a touch of salt to enhance the sweetness, lay’s sweet chips is a savory sensation that satisfies cravings and taste buds.Experience the essence of nature in every crunchy bite of sweet potato chips.


  • Potato Chips
  • Crunchy Potato
  • Sweet taste
  • Salted and Fried 
  • On-the-Go snack


  • 60g
  • 22 Packs
  • Brand LAY’S
Craving a crunchy snack?"Add to your Cart this case of LAY'S Snacks and Experience the irresistible crunch of Lay's sweet potato chips!

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