Koko's Squeeze Candy Icee 60ml (12 Pack) - V38

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Koko's Squeeze Candy Icee is a delightful treat that brings the refreshing taste of an Icee beverage in a convenient squeeze bottle. Each 60ml pack of koko's squeeze is filled with smooth and flavorful liquid candy that delivers a burst of fruity Icee goodness with every squeeze. Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment, Koko's icee candy ensures you'll always have a sweet pick-me-up whenever you need it. Koko's Squeeze Candy is sure to hit the spot and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.


  • Koko’s Squeeze Candy
  • Burst of Sweetness
  • Iced Goodness
  • On-the-go snack


  • 60ml
  • Case of 12 Packs
  • Brand Name Ko-Ko Candy

Add to Cart this koko’s Squeeze candy right away and don't miss the sweetness of fruity goodness!

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