Haribo Starmix 200 g (26 Pack)

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Step into the dazzling universe of Haribo Starmix, where each delectable bite is a star in its own right! Bursting with an irresistible mix of gummy goodness, haribo starmax 200g celestial assortment takes your taste buds on a cosmic journey like no other. In haribo starmix gummies a galaxy of flavors awaits you, from the zesty tang of tangy gummy bears to the cosmic crunch of fruity rings. starmix haribo gummi candy is like a flavor meteor shower, leaving you craving more with each bite!


  • Gummy Goodness
  • Colorful Candies
  • Fruity taste
  • Tangy Flavors


  • 200g
  • Case of 26 Packs
  • Brand name Haribo
Add to Cart Haribo Starmix, a best ready-to-go craving partner wherever you go!

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