HARIBO Display Goldbear - Free when 32 cartons purchased (960 pack total)

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What exactly puts the taste in Haribo display Goldbear? It's the Gummy Candy twist lies within every bite of tasty haribo gold bears. The original Haribo goldbear flavors bring delight to your snaky cravings. Mouthwatering Haribo gold bear gummy candy is available in delicious Orange, Strawberry, lemon, and raspberry flavors. Have fun while eating, and then repeat!


  • Colorful Delight
  • Craving partner
  • Fruity taste
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Chewy and fat-free


  • 120g
  • 1 Curtain 960 packs total
  • Gummy goldbears
  • Brand name Haribo

Add Haribo goldbears display for purchase to your Cart and let the fun begin with delightful and fruity flavors of gummy haribo goldbears!

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