HARIBO Grenouilles Gummi Candy Peg Sachet 142 g (lot de 12)

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Enjoy the flavorful pond trip with Haribo Frogs Gummi Candy 142g! These delightful haribo gummy candy treats are shaped like adorable little frogs and are ready to hop straight into your heart with their enticing charm. Each frog gummy candy is a mini-bite that tastes vibrant fruity flavors with each chew. Once your taste buds enjoy the fun of gummi frog candy, they will crave more!


  • Gummy candies
  • Sweet snack
  • Fruity Goodness


  • 142g
  • Case of a pack of 12
  • Natural and Artificially Flavored
  • Brand Name Haribo
Add to the Cart these new flavors of haribo frog gummi candy and satisfy your craving for sweet snacks anytime , anywhere!

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