FANTA Jasmin Pêche Bouteille 500 ml (lot de 12)

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Introducing a tantalizing sip of summer in every bottle, the FANTA Jasmine Peach Bottle is a delicious escape to orchard-fresh bliss. This Fanta jasmine peach 500 ml bottle is adorned with vibrant hues, promising a journey through orchards bursting with ripe, succulent peaches. As you twist open the cap of peach fanta, Jasmine's fragrant spread around you, tempting your taste buds with the promise of something sweet and refreshing.


  • Soft Drink
  • Jasmine Peach Fanta
  • Refreshing Flavor
  • Ready-to Go Beverage


  • 500ml
  • Case of 12 Bottles
  • Brand Fanta
Add this refreshing flavour of Fanta jasmine peach to the Cart and embrace the sweetness!

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