Face Twisters Sour Green Apple Bubble Gum Straws 56 g (12 Pack) V27

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Face Twisters Sour Green Apple Bubble Gum Straws are an explosion of tangy delight. These vibrant green apple bubble gum straws offer a tantalizing sour kick with each chew.This tantalizing treat of face twisters gum offers a unique flavor of tart green apples, all wrapped up in a chewy taffy texture. Experience a burst of flavor with every bite of sour green bubble gum as the tangy sourness gives way to the luscious sweetness of fruity flavors. Perfect for satisfying your cravings for something sour, face twister bubble gum is the ultimate indulgence for candy lovers. 


  • Sour Bubble Gum
  • Fruity Flavor 
  • Twister Gum
  • Sweet Treat


  • 56g
  • Case of 12 Packs
  • Brand Face Twister
Add to your cart this twist of fruity flavor and enjoy the perfect  tangy flavors with face twisters sour bubble gum!

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