Combos Filled Snacks Nacho Cheese Pretzel 179 g (12 Pack)- D23

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COMBOS Nacho Cheese is Back! The ultimate combo stuffed snack combining savory pretzel shells that meet creamy nacho cheese filling in a symphony of flavors, leaving you desiring for more. With every bite of combo cheese pretzel, you will experience a satisfying crunch of the pretzel and a burst of cheesy goodness that bounces on your taste buds. The marriage of salty pretzel and zesty nacho cheese combos delivers a delicious balance that's simply irresistible. Perfect for snacking, Combos Cheese Pretzel is the ultimate indulgence for munchers seeking bold, flavorful experiences.


  • Crunchy Stuffed Snacks
  • Nacho Cheese Flavored
  • Goodness of Baked Pretzel
  • Satisfy Craving


  • 179g
  • Case of 12 Packs

Ready to munch on Combo Snacks? Don't miss out on the cheesy sensation—hurry up, Add to your Cart this 12-pack bundle of Combo-Filled Snacks, and avail yourself of the offer now!

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